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Health & Medical Matters

Medical Declaration

Parents will be asked to complete a form of a medical declaration concerning the pupil’s health and must inform the Headmaster or Head of Section in writing if the pupil develops any known medical condition, health problem, or allergy, will be unable to take part in games or sporting activities, or has been in contact with infectious diseases. Pupils will not be allowed to join the School until this form has been fully completed and returned. Medical Examination: All new pupils will have a routine medical examination with the School Medical Officer (or other doctor appointed by him), usually during the first term at the School. A fee of Rs. 1,500 will be charged for the examination.

Pupil's Health

The Principal may at any time require a medical opinion or certificate as to the pupil’s general health.

Medical Information

Throughout a pupil’s time as a member of the School, the School Medical Officer shall have the right to disclose confidential information about the pupil, if considered to be in the pupil’s own interests or necessary for the protection of other members of the school community. Such information will be given and received on a confidential, ‘need-to-know’, basis.

Emergency Medical Treatment

The parents authorise the Principal to consent on behalf of the parents to the pupil receiving emergency medical treatment, where certified by an appropriately qualified person necessary for the pupil’s welfare and if the parents cannot be contacted in time. Parents need to present an up to date vaccination certificate to the school and ensure all their children’s vaccinations are kept up to date.

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