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Boarding Facilities


Oxford School of Excellence offers excellent boarding facilities, for boys and girls, with modern infrastructure, wholesome and nutritional meals, sports facilities, and entertainment making it a home away from home. Great care is taken to ensure the safety and security of the boarders and strict segregation is enforced for boys and girls. Younger children are housed in a separate section and all the common areas are constantly monitored by hostel staff, security personnel, and CCTV cameras at all times. Professional and experienced wardens, matrons, and supporting care staff along with appropriate medical attention are available at all times. The accommodation is comfortable, clean, airy, and spacious and the safe and welcoming atmosphere is very conducive for new entrants to adjust quickly and easily. 

The huge playground and lush green surroundings permit students to participate in various games and sports. After regular classes, varied sports like Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Shooting, and Gymnastic, etc. are offered to suit the different interests and inclinations of young students. The school prides itself in providing clean drinking water and a nutritious, wholesome, and quality diet so that the physical and mental growth of students is in perfect harmony. Students are even allowed, by majority decision, to select the menu on two days of the week provided it complies with the school’s requirements of a balanced and healthy diet. In the evening, remedial and preparatory classes are part of the everyday schedule in order to help them excel in academic performance. Last but not least, special attention is paid towards hygiene and good sanitary conditions of the rooms, toilets, bathrooms, and every aspect of the hostel.

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