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Best CISCE Day And Residental School In Dalanwala | Admission Open For Session 2024-25 | Best CISCE school in Dalanwala, Dehradun


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Day School and Day Boarders

Affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) based in Delhi, Oxford School of Excellence (OSE) is a preferred choice for parents who want their child to receive a quality education from nursery till ISC (Class 12). With its spacious and comfortable classrooms, smart class facilities, highly trained and dedicated academic and support staff, and modern science and computer laboratories, it provides an ideal environment for the learning and development of the young mind. We encourage children to think outside of the box and to develop their own individual personalities and skills in a safe and protected environment. The presence of 24-hour guards, imposing walls, and security gates together with CCTV cameras in all classrooms and public areas ensure that the campus is free from many of the dangers of the outside world. With a no-tolerance policy towards corporal punishment, alcohol, and drugs, we live by our strong belief that children learn better and faster when they feel safe and are shown love and respect. Parents can also choose to enroll their children in the day boarding program, at an additional cost. The school will provide meals, additional activities, and remedial classes to these students as part of the day boarding program. All of the above make OSE a preferred option for parents who want the best for their children. We truly believe in our motto: Soar with Knowledge.

Boarding Facilities


Oxford School of Excellence offers excellent boarding facilities, for boys and girls, with modern infrastructure, wholesome and nutritional meals, sports facilities, and entertainment making it a home away from home. Great care is taken to ensure the safety and security of the boarders and strict segregation is enforced for boys and girls. Younger children are housed in a separate section and all the common areas are constantly monitored by hostel staff, security personnel, and CCTV cameras at all times. Professional and experienced wardens, matrons, and supporting care staff along with appropriate medical attention are available at all times. The accommodation is comfortable, clean, airy, and spacious and the safe and welcoming atmosphere is very conducive for new entrants to adjust quickly and easily. 

The huge playground and lush green surroundings permit students to participate in various games and sports. After regular classes, varied sports like Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Shooting, and Gymnastic, etc. are offered to suit the different interests and inclinations of young students. The school prides itself in providing clean drinking water and a nutritious, wholesome, and quality diet so that the physical and mental growth of students is in perfect harmony. Students are even allowed, by majority decision, to select the menu on two days of the week provided it complies with the school’s requirements of a balanced and healthy diet. In the evening, remedial and preparatory classes are part of the everyday schedule in order to help them excel in academic performance. Last but not least, special attention is paid towards hygiene and good sanitary conditions of the rooms, toilets, bathrooms, and every aspect of the hostel.

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At OSE we regard the library to be a temple of learning. The spacious, bright, and well-stocked library offers children the opportunity to read and research various topics from history to fictional works, science to ancient art, and children’s books to philosophy. The school subscribes to various newspapers and magazines to keep students abreast of daily geopolitical events. The main aim of our the library is to provide our staff and students with reading material that caters to a wide variety of interests.


The laboratories are modern, well-equipped and continually updated to provide students the ability and opportunity to translate their theoretical knowledge into practical application. All experiments are performed in a safe and controlled environment to eliminate the danger of injury. These modern laboratories help students in enhancing their knowledge and enable them to experience the practical use of their theoretical instructions.

Day and boarding school in dalanwala dehradun

Computer Lab

With an extensive and well-maintained computer lab, OSE offers students the opportunity to learn new programs and gain practical experience in computers which will prove a priceless asset in today’s computer-dominated environment. Students can research educational material on the web, learn how to draft professional letters, formulate spreadsheets and use presentation tools like PowerPoint. Professional lectures and material can be downloaded for future reference giving the students an opportunity to learn beyond their textbooks.

Shooting Academy

OSE is one of the few schools to have it’s own in-house Shooting Academy. Equipped with high quality, high performance, air powered weapons specially designed for target shooting, the academy is supervised by a qualified instructor with many years experience in competitive shooting. Special shooting disciplines are available to shooters of appropriate age and particular emphasis is placed on
the safe use, cleaning and storage of weapons. Shooting as a sport and a discipline teaches the participants control over mind and body, coordination and reaction, the ability to perform a task repeatedly or make minute adjustments, if necessary.

Smart Classes and Interactive Screens

The school provides students with the facility of smart classes and interactive screens from a very young age. We make every effort to ensure learning is fun and enjoyable for younger children through the use of educational programs where they can sing along and learn about things they might not otherwise be exposed to in their routine lives. Children find it easier to absorb information when they enjoy themselves and visual aids often have a lasting effect. They learn, under close monitoring, how to browse the internet and download their favourite programs from a very young age. For senior classes, the interactive screens allow students to experiment theories and explore alternative ideas. A picture is worth a thousand words especially when young minds are able to visualise what they have earlier learnt in lessons and text in class.


At OSE we place great emphasis on both the mental and physical development of our students. Therefore, sports are considered a very important and integral part of education. We believe that sports help develop the spirit of teamwork, fair play and camaraderie. It instills a spirit of competition and encourages participants to explore the limits of their abilities and endurance. Above all it develops the individual’s personality and teaches one to be magnanimous in victory and gracious in defeat. Various games and sporting events are organized on a regular basis throughout the year. Students may participate in Basketball, Cricket, Shooting, Football, Gymnastics and Table-Tennis under the supervision of qualified instructors.